May 2022

February 2023

Whoops! Images gone from main pages. Will fix today..
Will start adding new editions to the shop as I tend to neglect the website,
I must state though, from all my selling places, you will get the best prices here. Reason is because there are no selling fees.

Prices have inflated somewhat for Ordnance Survey , but staggeringly below the RRP

Dec 7th
New swift template Version 2 - Some general improvements
sections recategorised

Dec 6th
Making good progress . Now there are around 7000 products available. Now arranging the catergories ansd creating new ones The top menu doesn't look very good in my view.

Prices will be much lower soon. I uploaded as default RRP oprices. Maps the same though as they are already very low.

Added the marveloous maps - Great Christmas gift ideas

I will get there one day when the web site is up to sratch :) Getting there though

November until 24th November on Holiday in Cumbria and Yorkshire. It is the best time of year for Meteodale to close before Christmas as impossible in Summertime.

-Added thousands of International Maps
-Many hundreds of books.
- Another 5000 to add

- None of the new listings have section image headers yet or nice presentation, but you can but them and see what is available. It is a massive first step. Descriptions also need adding that will describe the item. Lots of work to do.

Oct 18th

9000 products are being added to the website. Descriptions and header images will follow. At least it allows you to browse and buy and shows what is available.

Aug 21st
- TODO - Need new images for the various sections, so will create those today. I have some ideas.

-Just starting the Harvey section, currrently empty
-All OS maps now available.
-Landranger active basic setup and ability to purchase is now complete

Aug 17th

- Irish Discoverer maps added - Northern Ireland
- Irish activity maps added

August 13th

-All images converted to .webp , so should load faster.
- Full series of Irish Discovery maps now for sale at a really low introductory price including first class postage at £5.75

Next to add:

INorthern Ireland Maps, national park series, street maps for Ireland
Landranger Active (Laminated) maps full series
OS admin maps
Full set of pathfinder walking books at an incredibly low price each

These should all be added within a few days